How we began

We were dedicated to represent our Nation with a focus on dependability, simplicity and most importantly helping children in poorer circumstances. Founded in 2017 by three siblings, RajahClothes has come a long way from its beginnings of discussions in long car rides. Our goal has always been to bring awareness about the injustice happening in Tamil Eelam (north east of Ceylon).

The injustice happening in Tamil Eelam is hidden by several influences in Sri Lanka. Bringing awareness to it with the touch of the western world was developed in our minds. That’s how our first product of RajahClothes came to the world. A simple polo shirt in black with a red logo on the left side of the breast. The logo which you see is the north east of Ceylon, which is called Tamil Eelam, this area of Ceylon is where most of the Tamils are currently living. We were able to develop our first product by removing the Tamil eelam written on the side of the arm in order to bring our focus on simplicity again to the middle point. As we are a non profit organization, we also later removed the name RajahClothes on the bottom, as our aim is not to get us recognized but to help the children in poorer circumstances.


We are transparent and our goal is to represent Tamil Eelam and also support students in poorer circumstances. The prices are calculated followingly: Production cost + Donation + Marketing cost

Who we are

We are currently eight voluntary international employees who are working together towards the same goal, to “Represent our Nation”.


Our vision is that the world has more awareness about the injustice happening in Tamil Eelam. Even in 2021 we had to fight for our culture and rights. With these motives we want to represent Eelam with simple and classic clothes. With every item sold, someone in the world is representing Eelam on a peaceful way and supports a student in poorer circumstances with school material.


We are committed to creating simple products to represent our Nation. Paired with exceptional customer service and donation to the children in poorer circumstances. Feel your best by representing our Nation.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your RajahClothes Team